Our Story

Lindsey with lowercase

welcome! Lindsey here, I’m excited to have you in our little corner of the internet!
at lowercase we want you to do more things that make you forget to check your phone, so we’ve designed a crossbody case that keeps your phone safe and you free.

after draining my savings on new phones and screens, I decided to create something completely Lindsey-proof. something totally functional that paired great with any outfit. night out on the town? covered. travel plans? covered. just trying to get through your day without having to use Find My Phone? so covered.

lowercase is not just a crossbody though. our master plan is to create a space for everyone to enjoy the interesting stuff in life and help us continue bringing FUNctional products to y’all. with us? if so, sign up for our newsletter, and begin counting down the days till we land in your inbox.

in the meantime, check out our little family of misfits and please do give us a shout at hello@getlowercase.com or dm me @getlowercase, I’d love to connect with you.

with joy,